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Civil law

In the field of civil law, we offer our clients both legal assistance and representation before the courts of law.

As far as legal counseling is concerned, we advise our clients on the acquisition or alienation of the property rights, as well as other real property rights, such as the right of superficies, servitude right, usufruct, right of use and right of habitation.

We also advise on matters of succession law such as: assistance and representation in the judicial partition proceedings, as well as notarial and testamentary succession proceedings; assistance in opening the notarial succession procedure; drafting declarations of waiver or acceptance of the succession; assistance in obtaining the certificate of inheritance; assistance in the process of continuing the activity of the company with the legal heirs of the deceased associate.

Regarding tangible securities and privileges, we offer assistance with special privileges, mortgage of immovable property, mortgage of movable property, including accounts and receivables, pledge, as well as the right of lien.

On the other hand, we provide representation before the courts of law for a wide range of litigations, such as:

a) in matters of civil law as regards:

  • annulment, modification, correction or completion of civil registry documents;
  • actions to place under or release from court interdiction;
  • actions to establish the guardianship;
  • actions regarding the late birth registration;
  • actions to declare the disappearance of a person by the court or for the judicial declaration of death;
  • actions for the correction of a death record or for the annulment of a declaration of death;
b) property rights protection or the protection of its dismemberments:

  • actions for the recovery of immovable or movable property;
  • negatory actions;
  • actions concerning the acquirement of private property rights as a result of movable and immovable accession;
  • litigation resulting from forced co-ownership or joint ownership;
  • actions for the acquirement or termination of the right of superficies, servitude, usufruct, right of use and right of habitation;
  • acquirement of the property rights through acquisition prescription (usucapio);
  • possessory actions;
  • eviction actions;
c) actions for the protection of non-property rights and tort liability:

  • actions to protect non-property rights that have been violated or threatened, both with respect to natural persons and legal entities;
  • actions concerning tort liability for one’s own acts;
  • actions concerning tort liability due to the actions of another (parental liability for the acts of their children; teachers’ responsibility for the acts of their students or pupils; craftsmen liability for the acts of their apprentices and principal liability for the acts of their agents);
  • actions in tort liability for damages caused by animals, buildings and things in general;
  • actions to repair damages caused by judicial errors.
d) the rights of the creditor on the debtor's patrimony:

  • derivative action;
  • revocatory action;
e) actions based on civil acts:

  • actions based on business management and undue payment;
  • actions on unjust enrichment;
f) inheritance and partition:

  • inheritance partition actions;
  • actions for the annulment of the certificate of inheritance;
  • actions in nullity of a will;
  • actions for the cancellation of bequests due to failure to perform the encumbrance or for ingratitude;
  • actions for the reduction of excessive liberalities;
  • actions in nullity of the statement of acceptance of the inheritance;


Labor and social security law

We come to our clients’ assistance, both employers and employees, by offering legal advice and representation services in the field of labor law. We try to prevent conflicts and disputes, so we advise our clients, both employers and employees, before one has signed a legal document or has made a decision. Over time we have advised both employers and employees, which is a real advantage when a labor dispute arises.

We advise clients regarding the following:

  • the conclusion of individual employment contracts,
  • the conclusion of addendums to the employment contracts,
  • the conclusion of collective labor agreements,
  • a company's internal regulation policy,
  • job description and employee evaluation sheets
  • decisions of employment termination
  • job relocation clauses for employees
  • the disciplinary investigation procedure of the employee
  • the procedure regarding the patrimonial and criminal liability of the employee
  • consultancy on current activities: suspension of individual employment contracts, informing employees prior to concluding the employment contract regarding the working hours, salary, working environment, annual leave, resting hours.

We help customers insert different clauses into the individual employment contracts: the non-competition clause, the non-disclosure clause, the loyalty clause, as well as clauses regarding professional training.

We offer advice to clients regarding job relocation procedures for employees, but also regarding employment termination procedures.

We have successfully represented clients in various labour disputes. We have represented clients in actions concerning the employee's liability for damages caused to the employer, disputes concerning appeals to decisions of employment termination, appeals against the disciplinary investigation procedure, litigations regarding the payment of outstanding salaries and subsistance expenditures, payment of overtime done by the employee, litigations concerning work injuries.

Our lawyers also deal with occupational health and safety, they prepare reports on the risks workers face while at work, as well as on the legislation the employer must follow when it comes to social security.

We represent our clients against ITM (Territorial Labour Inspectorate) or other public authorities.


Family law

In the field of family law, we are specialized in and offer legal advice and representation both in divorce proceedings and in dealing with petitions concerning minors and spouses (namely: taking back the name one had before the marriage or holding on to the name one got after the conclusion of the marriage, exercising parental authority or joint parental care, the establishment of the minor's residence, the establishment of the child support, the establishment of the visiting hours) as well as for the partition of the goods acquired during the marriage, both before the courts of law and before the public notary or the mediator.

Our lawyers also come to your aid in fighting domestic violence by drafting actions for the issuing of a protection order against the husband or the child and the eviction of the violent husband, as well as by filing criminal petitions.

In the field of family law, we offer legal advice and representation in the following cases:

  • divorce (consensual divorce, divorce on ground of mutual fault or based on the defendant's exclusive fault) before the courts of law and before a public notary or mediator when the divorce is conducted by administrative means
  • divorce related to a marriage concluded abroad
  • exercising joint parental care by both parents
  • exercising parental authority exclusively by one of the parents
  • establishing the place of residence of the minors at the place of one of the parents
  • changing the place of residence of the minors
  • establishing the alternative place of residence of the minors
  • establishing the visiting hours
  • establishing and changing the child support
  • actions to establish paternity and non-paternity claims
  • assistance in the child recognition process by the father
  • petitions for the issuance of a judge’s order regarding the residence of the minors, the visiting hours and the child support
  • petitions to issue a protection order for both spouses and children
  • eviction of the violent husband
  • birth, divorce, and marriage transcription certificates
  • drafting and assisting to the conclusion of antenuptial agreements
  • changing the marriage settlement
  • actions aimed at adjudicating incapacity and the appointment of a tutor or curator
  • obtaining the court’s authorization by the tutor in order to do acts of disposition, partition, garnishment or encumbrance of the minor's property or of the adjudecation of incapacity, to give up their patrimonial rights and to validly conclude any other documents that surpass the right of administration
  • partition of the acquired goods by spouses during their marriage
  • actions for the approval and annulment of the adoption
  • assistance in enforcing the court’s decisions issued in connection with litigations concerning the family law.



We offer our clients legal advice and assistance with concluding, negotiating and reviewing of the contracts:

  • sales and purchase agreement
  • lease contract
  • sale-purchase promissory agreement
  • donation agreement
  • exchange of goods contract
  • maintenance contract
  • service agreement
  • joint venture agreement
  • works agreement
  • transportation services agreement
  • sponsorship agreement
  • commission agreement
  • bailment agreement
  • loan agreement
  • contractor agreement

Where necessary, before the contract is concluded, we perform the necessary checks regarding the legal status of the object of the contract at the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration, as well as at the Trade Register Office, at the competent City Hall or at any other public institutions, depending on the specifics of the contract.

We deal with customer representation before the court of law in litigations regarding the execution, termination, suspension, cancellation of concluded contracts, but also actions based on contractual liability.


Urban planning and constructions

We take care of all the necessary steps for the development of a real estate project. We advise both real estate developers and individuals who want to purchase apartments within a real estate construction.

We can handle the drafting and negotiating of the sale-purchase promissory agreements and we can also assist you at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Throughout time, we have been involved in drafting and assisting clients in concluding joint venture agreements, contractor and subcontractor agreements, contracts with suppliers of materials, all of which are needed to start a real estate project.

We offer assistance for people who want to purchase a real estate project by carrying out all the necessary checks beforehand so that the acquisition is carried out fully aware of all the facts, namely we carry out checks on the ownership of the land and the construction, checks regarding the urban planning certificate, if applicable, checks concerning the validity of the building permit, also verifying the compliance with the project and with the building permit. All these checks are registered in a due diligence report.

At the same time, in the case of an acquisition of a commercial company that develops a real estate project, we take care of concluding and verifying the documents, as well as of the negotiating and drafting of a due diligence report regarding the situation of the company and of the real estate project.

We can also perform these checks for our clients - natural persons- who want to purchase apartments / homes within real estate projects.

We represent our clients before the courts of law in case of litigation regarding the real estate project.

Concurrently, we deal with appeals against reports issued by the city halls for the alleged non-compliance with the provisions of the building permit. We also formulate actions to constrain public authorities to issue the building permit.


Cadastre and real estate advertising

In this field, we provide assistance in registering and deleting both real rights (property rights, right of superficies, servitude, usufruct, the right of use and the right of habitation) and various judicial acts from the Land Registry, representing clients throughout all the necessary steps in front of the competent Office of Cadastre and Land Registration. In cases where the settlement of the situation through administrative channels is impossible or it did not provide the desired result, we also offer assistance and representation in front of the courts of law for complaints or various actions related to the Land Registry. Thus, we address our clients' needs by performing the following activities:

  • issuing land registry excerpts;
  • making notations in the Land Registry concerning the actions for the protection of the real rights registered in it, partition actions, actions for the annulment of legal acts because of nullity, termination or other causes of inefficiency, revocatory actions, as well as any other actions regarding other rights, acts, other legal relationships relating to the immovable property registered;
  • marking notations in the Land Registry regarding promissory agreements and option agreements, lease contracts and the assignment of revenue, the qualification of common good of a real estate and its destination as a family housing, marriage contracts;
  • registering in the Land Registry the opening of insolvency proceedings, removing the debtor’s right to administer subject to this measure, and the closure of this proceeding;
  • actions to rectify the registration or provisional registration;
  • claims to correct the material errors from the land registers;
  • claims to reexaminate and complaints against the certificates of completion of registration;
  • actions for damages caused by the faulty bookkeeping of the Land Registry;


Debt recovery

In the current economic context, there is an increasing need for lawyers that deal with the collection of overdue receivables.

Our lawyers can help you in situations where you have unrecovered debts. You will discuss with them what would be the best collection strategy for each case in particular.

We deal with both legal advice and representation before the court of law, during conciliation or before the judicial executor, by preparing:

  • notifications
  • invitations to direct conciliation
  • prior notices
  • common law actions
  • payment injunction procedures and small track claims
  • debt rescheduling transactions and payment commitments
  • petitions to impose preliminary injunction, distraint, precautionary garnishee attachment, judicial seizure
  • petitions for the vesting of the enforceable titles
Our lawyers will do their best to make sure that debt recovery process go as fast as possible, without any delays.


Forced execution

We advise clients, both natural persons and legal entities during the forced execution stage of an enforceable title.

We deal with the entire forced execution procedure, both before judicial executors and before the court of law. We take part in negotiations and in the conclusion of transactions between creditors and debtors. We are a strong ally for both the creditor and the debtor.

During the forced execution stage we deal with the following activities:

  • drafting of the forced execution claim and preparing the necessary documents for the enforcement file
  • continuously tracking the enforcement file to see its status and avoiding its delay
  • vesting with enforceable title of promissory notes and cheque notes or other enforceable titles
  • appeals against forced execution unlawfully initiated
  • appeal against the title
  • appeal against the expert’s report of the movable or real estate valuation
  • petitions for provisional suspension of forced execution
  • petitions for the suspension of forced execution
  • petitions to acknowledge obsolence of forced execution
  • taking part in experts’ valuations or at the conclusion of the minutes of seizures
  • joining the judicial executor to the debtor's office in order to identify the assets to be foreclosed and to place them under judicial seizure.
  • the conclusion of transactions on the subject of forced execution, for instance debt rescheduling
  • the action to validate the garnishment
  • filing a suit for eviction, vesting deed
  • petitions regarding the acknowledgement of the prescription of the right to demand forced execution
  • petitions for the invalidation of forced execution


Corporate law and insolvency

Related to the corporate law and the insolvency procedure, we provide the following services:

  • advice on the process of the General Assemblies of limited liability companies and joint stock companies;
  • drawing up the decisions of the general assemblies and of the board of directors;
  • advice regarding the stocks and share assisgnment, increase of the registered capital;
  • assisting significant shareholders within claims addressed to the court of law for the appointment of one or more experts to carry out expert checks on certain operations performed by the management entity;
  • assisting clients along the whole length of complaints addressed to auditors in respect of inventory review;
  • drafting and representation in actions for the annulment of the decisions of the company’s General Assembly;
  • assisting clients in case of withdrawal from the company, both in the administrative procedure as well as before the court of law;
  • assisting and representing clients in case of dissolution of the company for serious misunderstandings between the partners that are hindering the functioning of the company;
  • drafting requests in order to open insolvency proceedings, appeals against the claims for opening the insolvency proceedings, claims for the enrollment at the mass of creditors;
  • drafting and representation within appeals concerning the preliminary or consolidated list of creditors, decisions of the creditors’ assemblies or appeals to the measures taken by the judicial administrator.

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Establishment, Change, Dissolution, Liquidation and Deregistration of a Company

If you want to start a business or to expand one, our lawyers can help you from the very beginning with the preparation of all the necessary documents for its establishment, but also throughout its entire activity.

Our lawyers provide legal advice, drafting and attesting all the necessary documents and providing assistance throughout the entire process to be followed with public institutions, for the following cases:

Establishment and registration of the following categories of natural persons and legal entities:

  • limited liability company (SRL)
  • debutant limited liability company (SRL-D)
  • joint-stock company (SA)
  • branch
  • subsidiary
  • self-employed person (PFA)
  • sole proprietorship
  • family owned and operated company

In case you do not have a place to set up your registered office, our lawyers also provide the premises. According to the legal provisions in the matter, the registered office can be established at the office of a lawyer for a maximum period of 1 year. Thus, we come to meet our clients’ needs by providing the opportunity to establish their registered office within our lawyers’ office, where you will also receive all your correspondence, this being a real advantage for the start of your business.

Changes that occur during a business activity:

  • changing the name
  • changing the form of organization
  • changing of the registered office
  • opening and closing of working points
  • drafting a lease contract / bailment agreement for the purpose of establishing the registered office or the working point in a particular building
  • extending the validity period of the registered office and of the working point
  • extending the duration of the company
  • extending the administrator's mandate
  • changing the administrator and the members of the management
  • updating the identification data
  • changing the main activity
  • authorization and addition of the secondary activity
  • increasing the registered capital
  • decreasing the registered capital
  • share assignment
  • exclusion or withdrawal of associates
  • obtaining certificates of incumbency
  • suspension and activity resuming
  • division
  • merger
  • de jure dissolution
  • voluntary dissolution
  • dissolution due to death
  • deregistration


Associations, Foundations and Sports Clubs

Our lawyers provide complete services regarding the establishment or amendment of the articles of incorporation and of the bylaws, their registration with the competent courts and the dissolution or liquidation of an association or foundation, namely:

  • name reservation with ANAF (the National Agency for Fiscal Administration) and the Ministry of Justice
  • name change
  • drafting and attesting the articles of incorporation and the bylaws
  • changes in the structure of the management, of the board of directors and of the censors
  • changing the registered office
  • opening and closing of working points
  • extending the validity period of the registered office and of the working point
  • extending the duration of the company
  • extending the mandate of the members of the management, of the board of directors and the mandate of the auditors
  • change and addition of the purpose and of the objectives
  • obtaining the fiscal record of the members
  • obtaining the land registry excerpt of the building where the registered office is to be established
  • drafting a lease contract / bailment agreement for the purpose of establishing the registered office or the working point in a particular building
  • registering the Sports Club in the Sports Register before the Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • dissolution and liquidation
At the same time, we provide legal advice for the conclusion of various contracts and for the way of carrying out the activity in compliance with the legal provisions in the field, also providing representation before the courts of law in litigations resulting from and in connection with the conduct of the business.


Owners’ Associations

Our lawyers provide services for the establishment of owners' associations as well as amendments to the articles of incorporation that occur during the activity. In this regard, we offer the following legal services:

  • drafting and attesting the bylaws and association agreement
  • drafting the minutes of the General Assembly
  • drafting of nominal lists and addendum to the association agreement
  • drafting petitions and offering legal representation concerning the process of acquiring the legal personality
  • modifying of the bylaws and of the association agreement
  • changing the structure of the Executive Committee and of the Chairman as well as their mandate
  • obtaining the individual land registry excerpts of the apartments and collectively of the entire building.
At the same time, we provide legal assistance and representation before the courts of law, during the judgement on merits and during the means of appeal, as well as during the forced execution phase regarding the:
  • recovery of outstanding amounts registered by owners at the level of the Owners' Association.
  • cancellation of minutes and decisions of the General Assembly
  • litigation relating to contract or tort liability
  • contesting reports on the offences committed and penalties incurred
  • any other litigation related to the activity of the Owners' Association
We assist the Owners' Association also during the course of its activity by providing legal advice on the conclusion and termination of contracts, assistance in front of the City Hall and any other public institution, natural persons or legal entities, in matters arising from and in connection with the conduct of business.


Public procurement

We help our clients, both contracting authorities and legal entities, by offering legal advice and representation services in the field of public procurement.

Our activities are the following but not limited to:

  • expert advice in the preliminary stages of public procurement procedures, we inform the client about all the necessary steps to be followed in case of such a procedure
  • expert advice during the ongoing public procurement procedure
  • expert advice and / or drafting of public procurement contracts
  • advice on possible means of appeal during the ongoing public procurement procedure
  • legal advice and / or preparing appeals within the public procurement procedure
  • representation within the proceedings before the National Council for Solving Complaints or before the court of law
  • we inform the client of all deadlines one must comply with in the case of public procurement procedure.

The best option for you would be to ask for our legal advice from the preliminary stages of a public procurement procedure, so as to keep you informed regarding the necessary steps to be followed, as well as the deadlines to be considered, the time limits covered by the public procurement law being short deadlines.

We know the public procurement law in detail, so we are a strong ally for our clients in the public procurement procedure.


Contraventional Law

In the field of contraventional law, we offer legal advice and representation before the courts of law regarding the contestation of records of findings and subsequent penalties, whether they concern traffic regulations, contraventions related to the construction field, as well as the labor law field, penalties for lack of operating permits or for lack of other licences and documents necessary for carrying on the activity, fines issued by ISCTR (State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control) or any other facts which lead to the legal sanction for a misdemeanor.

We provide legal representation both before the court of first instance and in the means of appeal, as well as before any other public institutions.


Contentious administrative matters

In this area, we provide legal advice and representation before the courts of law, focusing in particular on the following services:

  • assistance in obtaining licences and authorizations from public institutions;
  • advice on the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of administrative contracts;
  • drafting and representation concerning applications for the revocation and suspension of administrative documents;
  • drafting appeals against notices of assessment;
  • legal assistance and representation before public authorities in the pre-proceedings process, as well as before the administrative courts for the annulment of the administrative documents adopted by the local authorities;
  • drafting and sustaining exceptions of illegality of the administrative documents;
  • assistance and representation in disputes concerning the annulment or invalidation of competitions organized under the MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) ordinances no. 665/2009, no. 140/2016 and 177/2016;
  • claims based on Law no. 554/2004 concerning the free access to public information;


Intellectual property

We advise customers on the steps they have to follow in order to protect copyrights. We deal with the stages necessary for the registration, renewal and protection of the trademark and licences, respectively we register the trademark at the OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks), we supervise the trademark and we also represent the clients in the case of opposition to the registration of the trademark. We deal with copyright protection litigation and with obtaining damages in case of copyright infringement.  


Criminal Law

In the field of criminal law, we assist and represent clients in criminal case files, both in the criminal investigation phase and in the trial phase, irrespective of their status in the file: suspect, defendant, responsible plaintiff party, aggrieved party or civil party.

We thus come to your aid both by drafting criminal complaints, requests for production of evidence, complaints against the acts and measures of criminal prosecution, as well as all other claims specific to the criminal trial and also by sustaining them before the criminal prosecution authorities and before the courts of law.

We provide legal representation anywhere in the country throughout the entire criminal trial, both in the criminal investigation phase and in the preliminary stages, in the judgement on the merits phase and during the means of appeal as well as for the preventive measures proceedings (preventive detention, judicial control, house arrest), requests to reopen the criminal trial in the case of judgment in absentia, assisting for the case of guilty plea, the process for compensating property damage or moral damages in cases of judicial errors, in case of unlawful deprivation of freedom or in other cases, as well as in procedures for the recognition of foreign legal acts.