We take care of all the necessary steps for the development of a real estate project. We advise both real estate developers and individuals who want to purchase apartments within a real estate construction.

We can handle the drafting and negotiating of the sale-purchase promissory agreements and we can also assist you at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Throughout time, we have been involved in drafting and assisting clients in concluding joint venture agreements, contractor and subcontractor agreements, contracts with suppliers of materials, all of which are needed to start a real estate project.

We offer assistance for people who want to purchase a real estate project by carrying out all the necessary checks beforehand so that the acquisition is carried out fully aware of all the facts, namely we carry out checks on the ownership of the land and the construction, checks regarding the urban planning certificate, if applicable, checks concerning the validity of the building permit, also verifying the compliance with the project and with the building permit. All these checks are registered in a due diligence report.

At the same time, in the case of an acquisition of a commercial company that develops a real estate project, we take care of concluding and verifying the documents, as well as of the negotiating and drafting of a due diligence report regarding the situation of the company and of the real estate project.

We can also perform these checks for our clients – natural persons- who want to purchase apartments / homes within real estate projects.

We represent our clients before the courts of law in case of litigation regarding the real estate project.

Concurrently, we deal with appeals against reports issued by the city halls for the alleged non-compliance with the provisions of the building permit. We also formulate actions to constrain public authorities to issue the building permit.