We advise clients, both natural persons and legal entities during the forced execution stage of an enforceable title.

We deal with the entire forced execution procedure, both before judicial executors and before the court of law. We take part in negotiations and in the conclusion of transactions between creditors and debtors. We are a strong ally for both the creditor and the debtor.

During the forced execution stage we deal with the following activities:

  • drafting of the forced execution claim and preparing the necessary documents for the enforcement file
  • continuously tracking the enforcement file to see its status and avoiding its delay
  • vesting with enforceable title of promissory notes and cheque notes or other enforceable titles
  • appeals against forced execution unlawfully initiated
  • appeal against the title
  • appeal against the expert’s report of the movable or real estate valuation
  • petitions for provisional suspension of forced execution
  • petitions for the suspension of forced execution
  • petitions to acknowledge obsolence of forced execution
  • taking part in experts’ valuations or at the conclusion of the minutes of seizures
  • joining the judicial executor to the debtor’s office in order to identify the assets to be foreclosed and to place them under judicial seizure.
  • the conclusion of transactions on the subject of forced execution, for instance debt rescheduling
  • the action to validate the garnishment
  • filing a suit for eviction, vesting deed
  • petitions regarding the acknowledgement of the prescription of the right to demand forced execution
  • petitions for the invalidation of forced execution