In the field of family law, we are specialized in and offer legal advice and representation both in divorce proceedings and in dealing with petitions concerning minors and spouses (namely: taking back the name one had before the marriage or holding on to the name one got after the conclusion of the marriage, exercising parental authority or joint parental care, the establishment of the minor’s residence, the establishment of the child support, the establishment of the visiting hours) as well as for the partition of the goods acquired during the marriage, both before the courts of law and before the public notary or the mediator.

Our lawyers also come to your aid in fighting domestic violence by drafting actions for the issuing of a protection order against the husband or the child and the eviction of the violent husband, as well as by filing criminal petitions.

In the field of family law, we offer legal advice and representation in the following cases:

  • divorce (consensual divorce, divorce on ground of mutual fault or based on the defendant’s exclusive fault) before the courts of law and before a public notary or mediator when the divorce is conducted by administrative means
  • divorce related to a marriage concluded abroad
  • exercising joint parental care by both parents
  • exercising parental authority exclusively by one of the parents
  • establishing the place of residence of the minors at the place of one of the parents
  • changing the place of residence of the minors
  • establishing the alternative place of residence of the minors
  • establishing the visiting hours
  • establishing and changing the child support
  • actions to establish paternity and non-paternity claims
  • assistance in the child recognition process by the father
  • petitions for the issuance of a judge’s order regarding the residence of the minors, the visiting hours and the child support
  • petitions to issue a protection order for both spouses and children
  • eviction of the violent husband
  • birth, divorce, and marriage transcription certificates
  • drafting and assisting to the conclusion of antenuptial agreements
  • changing the marriage settlement
  • actions aimed at adjudicating incapacity and the appointment of a tutor or curator
  • obtaining the court’s authorization by the tutor in order to do acts of disposition, partition, garnishment or encumbrance of the minor’s property or of the adjudecation of incapacity, to give up their patrimonial rights and to validly conclude any other documents that surpass the right of administration
  • partition of the acquired goods by spouses during their marriage
  • actions for the approval and annulment of the adoption
  • assistance in enforcing the court’s decisions issued in connection with litigations concerning the family law.