We come to our clients’ assistance, both employers and employees, by offering legal advice and representation services in the field of labor law. We try to prevent conflicts and disputes, so we advise our clients, both employers and employees, before one has signed a legal document or has made a decision. Over time we have advised both employers and employees, which is a real advantage when a labor dispute arises.

We advise clients regarding the following:

  • the conclusion of individual employment contracts,
  • the conclusion of addendums to the employment contracts,
  • the conclusion of collective labor agreements,
  • a company’s internal regulation policy,
  • job description and employee evaluation sheets
  • decisions of employment termination
  • job relocation clauses for employees
  • the disciplinary investigation procedure of the employee
  • the procedure regarding the patrimonial and criminal liability of the employee
  • consultancy on current activities: suspension of individual employment contracts, informing employees prior to concluding the employment contract regarding the working hours, salary, working environment, annual leave, resting hours.

We help customers insert different clauses into the individual employment contracts: the non-competition clause, the non-disclosure clause, the loyalty clause, as well as clauses regarding professional training.

We offer advice to clients regarding job relocation procedures for employees, but also regarding employment termination procedures.

We have successfully represented clients in various labour disputes. We have represented clients in actions concerning the employee’s liability for damages caused to the employer, disputes concerning appeals to decisions of employment termination, appeals against the disciplinary investigation procedure, litigations regarding the payment of outstanding salaries and subsistance expenditures, payment of overtime done by the employee, litigations concerning work injuries.

Our lawyers also deal with occupational health and safety, they prepare reports on the risks workers face while at work, as well as on the legislation the employer must follow when it comes to social security.

We represent our clients against ITM (Territorial Labour Inspectorate) or other public authorities.