Our lawyers provide services for the establishment of owners’ associations as well as amendments to the articles of incorporation that occur during the activity.

In this regard, we offer the following legal services:

  • drafting and attesting the bylaws and association agreement
  • drafting the minutes of the General Assembly
  • drafting of nominal lists and addendum to the association agreement
  • drafting petitions and offering legal representation concerning the process of acquiring the legal personality
  • modifying of the bylaws and of the association agreement
  • changing the structure of the Executive Committee and of the Chairman as well as their mandate
  • obtaining the individual land registry excerpts of the apartments and collectively of the entire building.

At the same time, we provide legal assistance and representation before the courts of law, during the judgement on merits and during the means of appeal, as well as during the forced execution phase regarding the:

  • recovery of outstanding amounts registered by owners at the level of the Owners’ Association.
  • cancellation of minutes and decisions of the General Assembly
  • litigation relating to contract or tort liability
  • contesting reports on the offences committed and penalties incurred
  • any other litigation related to the activity of the Owners’ Association

We assist the Owners’ Association also during the course of its activity by providing legal advice on the conclusion and termination of contracts, assistance in front of the City Hall and any other public institution, natural persons or legal entities, in matters arising from and in connection with the conduct of business.