Our lawyers provide complete services regarding the establishment or amendment of the articles of incorporation and of the bylaws, their registration with the competent courts and the dissolution or liquidation of an association or foundation, namely:

  • name reservation with ANAF (the National Agency for Fiscal Administration) and the Ministry of Justice
  • name change
  • drafting and attesting the articles of incorporation and the bylaws
  • changes in the structure of the management, of the board of directors and of the censors
  • changing the registered office
  • opening and closing of working points
  • extending the validity period of the registered office and of the working point
  • extending the duration of the company
  • extending the mandate of the members of the management, of the board of directors and the mandate of the auditors
  • change and addition of the purpose and of the objectives
  • obtaining the fiscal record of the members
  • obtaining the land registry excerpt of the building where the registered office is to be established
  • drafting a lease contract / bailment agreement for the purpose of establishing the registered office or the working point in a particular building
  • registering the Sports Club in the Sports Register before the Ministry of Youth and Sport
  • dissolution and liquidation

At the same time, we provide legal advice for the conclusion of various contracts and for the way of carrying out the activity in compliance with the legal provisions in the field, also providing representation before the courts of law in litigations resulting from and in connection with the conduct of the business.