Civil status documents. Romanian citizens who have concluded marriages outside Romania have the obligation to transcribe their marriage in the civil status registers from Romania.

If the marriage is not registered in Romania, it is not recognized by the Romanian state.

The transcription of the marriage is mandatory to be carried out within 6 months from the conclusion. Otherwise, the citizens are liable to be fined.

After this step, the Romanian citizens will hold two marriage certificates, one issued by the foreign authorities and one issued by the Romanian authorities.

The transcription can take place either in person or through a person empowered with a special power of attorney.

The power of attorney must be apostille , in the case of the countries signatory of the Hague Convention or over legalized for the countries with which Romania has not signed international treaties.

Therefore, for this procedure it is not necessary to come to Romania, the procedure can be performed by the people empowered. The power of attorney may be given either at a notary, in Romania – if one of the spouses is in the country- or abroad – at diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania

It is important to know that all marriages that have been concluded abroad must be registered, including marriages that have been dissolved through divorce. In this latter case, it is necessary to register, in addition to marriage, the divorce pronounced abroad.

The  person empowered will be able to take care of all the steps necessary to register the marriage.

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