In this field, we provide assistance in registering and deleting both real rights (property rights, right of superficies, servitude, usufruct, the right of use and the right of habitation) and various judicial acts from the Land Registry, representing clients throughout all the necessary steps in front of the competent Office of Cadastre and Land Registration.

In cases where the settlement of the situation through administrative channels is impossible or it did not provide the desired result, we also offer assistance and representation in front of the courts of law for complaints or various actions related to the Land Registry.

Thus, we address our clients’ needs by performing the following activities:

  • issuing land registry excerpts;
  • making notations in the Land Registry concerning the actions for the protection of the real rights registered in it, partition actions, actions for the annulment of legal acts because of nullity, termination or other causes of inefficiency, revocatory actions, as well as any other actions regarding other rights, acts, other legal relationships relating to the immovable property registered;
  • marking notations in the Land Registry regarding promissory agreements and option agreements, lease contracts and the assignment of revenue, the qualification of common good of a real estate and its destination as a family housing, marriage contracts;
  • registering in the Land Registry the opening of insolvency proceedings, removing the debtor’s right to administer subject to this measure, and the closure of this proceeding;
  • actions to rectify the registration or provisional registration;
  • claims to correct the material errors from the land registers;
  • claims to reexaminate and complaints against the certificates of completion of registration;
  • actions for damages caused by the faulty bookkeeping of the Land Registry;