In the field of civil law, we offer our clients both legal assistance and representation before the courts of law.

As far as legal counseling is concerned, we advise our clients on the acquisition or alienation of the property rights, as well as other real property rights, such as the right of superficies, servitude right, usufruct, right of use and right of habitation.

We also advise on matters of succession law such as: assistance and representation in the judicial partition proceedings, as well as notarial and testamentary succession proceedings; assistance in opening the notarial succession procedure; drafting declarations of waiver or acceptance of the succession; assistance in obtaining the certificate of inheritance; assistance in the process of continuing the activity of the company with the legal heirs of the deceased associate.

Regarding tangible securities and privileges, we offer assistance with special privileges, mortgage of immovable property, mortgage of movable property, including accounts and receivables, pledge, as well as the right of lien.

On the other hand, we provide representation before the courts of law for a wide range of litigations, such as:

a) in matters of civil law as regards:

  • annulment, modification, correction or completion of civil registry documents;
  • actions to place under or release from court interdiction;
  • actions to establish the guardianship;
  • actions regarding the late birth registration;
  • actions to declare the disappearance of a person by the court or for the judicial declaration of death;
  • actions for the correction of a death record or for the annulment of a declaration of death;

b) property rights protection or the protection of its dismemberments:

  • actions for the recovery of immovable or movable property;
  • negatory actions;
  • actions concerning the acquirement of private property rights as a result of movable and immovable accession;
  • litigation resulting from forced co-ownership or joint ownership;
  • actions for the acquirement or termination of the right of superficies, servitude, usufruct, right of use and right of habitation;
  • acquirement of the property rights through acquisition prescription (usucapio);
  • possessory actions;
  • eviction actions;

c) actions for the protection of non-property rights and tort liability:

  • actions to protect non-property rights that have been violated or threatened, both with respect to natural persons and legal entities;
  • actions concerning tort liability for one’s own acts;
  • actions concerning tort liability due to the actions of another (parental liability for the acts of their children; teachers’ responsibility for the acts of their students or pupils; craftsmen liability for the acts of their apprentices and principal liability for the acts of their agents);
  • actions in tort liability for damages caused by animals, buildings and things in general;
  • actions to repair damages caused by judicial errors.

d) the rights of the creditor on the debtor’s patrimony:

  • derivative action;
  • revocatory action;

e) actions based on civil acts:

  • actions based on business management and undue payment;
  • actions on unjust enrichment;

f) inheritance and partition:

  • inheritance partition actions;
  • actions for the annulment of the certificate of inheritance;
  • actions in nullity of a will;
  • actions for the cancellation of bequests due to failure to perform the encumbrance or for ingratitude;
  • actions for the reduction of excessive liberalities;
  • actions in nullity of the statement of acceptance of the inheritance;