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Avocat Diana Olosutean-Micu - Avocat ClujOlosutean Micu Diana Maria has graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Babeş-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca in 2011, and in 2012 she has also completed the master’s program, specialization: “Private Law Institutions”, from the same university, as well as the courses of the National Institute for the Professional Training of Lawyers.

She is a consultant and a barrister in the filed of civil law, commercial law, administrative-fiscal and criminal law.

In the field of civil law, she provides advice and representation in the following areas:

  • litigations concerning contractual liability and tort liability
  • litigations concerning the breach of contracts
  • the protection and establishment of private property rights and the dismemberments of the ownership right: servitude, superficies, usufruct
  • divorce and partition proceedings
  • exercising of the parental authority, establishing the minors’ place of residence and establishing the visiting hours
  • appointing the guardian and curator
  • obtaining a protection order
  • inheritance law

In the field of commercial law, she offers advice and assistance particularly regarding the:

  • recovery of debts under the following special procedures: payment injunction procedure, small track claims, claims based on common law and European demand for payment
  • assistance of clients in front of the enforcing bodies and the representation during litigations regarding appeals against enforcement
  • formation and establishment of commercial companies, as well as any changes that could occur during the company’s activity such as opening / closing of working points, assignments of shares, change of the registered office, authorization of the objects of activity, amendment of the articles of incorporation
  • establishment of associations and foundations

Regarding criminal law she assist and represent clients in criminal case files, both during the criminal investigation phase and during the trial phase, both for the defendant and for the injured parties.

She also specializes in contraventional law.

In the area of contentious-administrative law she deals with the annulment / suspension of administrative acts.


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