The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

Lawyer IONELA COSTEA, member of the Cluj Bar and a graduate of the Faculty of Law and of the master’s program „Private Law Institutions”, has a vast experience in the legal field, offering her clients – natural persons and commercial companies – both advice and legal representation before the courts of law; she assists clients in front of judicial executors, public notaries and public authorities.

She is passionate about being a lawyer and has always fought for her clients’ interests, has always tried to find quick solutions to the problems that have arisen and has tried, as far as possible, the amicable settlement of the disputes with the lowest financial resources.

She successfully deals with civil law litigations, providing both legal advice and representation before the court of law. She has successfully dealt with litigations concerning the performance or termination of contracts, tort and contract liability, liability for injury to reputation, partition actions, actions for the recovery of immovable property, actions relating to the right of servitude, petition for the restoration of property rights, annulement of the title of ownership.

She has successfully assisted both real estate developers in their real estate projects and various individuals who have purchased apartments. She assists clients in the pre-purchase stage of a real estate, performing all necessary research to know the legal status of the real estate.

She is also passionate about labor law, providing advice on the conclusion of collective labor agreements, individual employment agreements and addenda to them, the company’s Internal Regulation Policy, job description for employees, various contractual clauses inserted into individual employment agreements, like the non-competition clause or the non-disclosure clause. She deals with the representation of clients before the courts of law in various labor law disputes, such as the contestation of a decision to terminate individual employment agreements, the procedure of disciplinary liability of the employee, the recovery of salary rights, per diem rights and the compensation of overtime.

She deals with commercial litigation, the collection of receivables, unpaid debts, sends notifications and invitations to amicable settlement of the dispute and represents clients before the courts. She deals with the stage of writ of forced execution by drafting requests for writs of forced execution, representation before the judicial executor, drafting appeals against enforcement.


Spoken languages

  • English
  • Italian