Anda-Nora POPAthe owner of Anda-Nora Popa – Lawyer’s Office – is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Babeş-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, class of 2011, completing her studies with a master’s degree within the same faculty, with the specialization “Private Law Institutions”, an opportunity to thoroughly study the legal regulations applicable in the field of relations between private persons, natural or moral, and the relationships they may have between them.

She has been a member of the Cluj County Bar since 2012, the same year she started her professional activity, having gained so far more than 10 years of experience in various branches of the law, the main specialization being focused on the field of commercial law, with all the adjoining components to it, adapted to the specific needs of companies.

Her work is also directed to clients as individuals, especially on civil matters, considering that the main responsibility of the lawyer is to create a close connection with the client, based on mutual trust.

As an english and german language speaker, she supports romanian or foreign clients with favorable solutions, which take into account both the legal framework and the business environment, both for punctual projects and in the form of permanent legal advice.

The areas of practice include legal advice and representation before courts in the fields of:

  • civil law (drafting/reviewing contracts, tort and contractual civil liability, enforcement, recovery of claims, property rights disputes, judicial partitions, payment orders, associations and foundations, etc.);
  • commercial and corporate law (insolvency disputes, judicial dissolutions, liability of the administrator, exclusion of associates, establishment/suspensions/deregistrations of companies, amendments of constituent acts – reductions/increases of share capital, assignments of shares, change of headquarters, establishment/dissolution of places of business, mergers and divisions, etc.);
  • labor law (complaints against dismissal decisions/disciplinary sanctions, revision of employment contracts, recalculation of pensions, obtaining salary rights, employee-employer disputes, work integration of foreign citizens, etc.);
  • administrative law (administrative and contravention litigation – fines, appeals against tax inspection reports / contravention minutes, etc.);
  • insurance law (social insurance disputes, compensation due by insurers in case of accidents, medical malpractice, etc.);

as well as assistance and representation of clients in contact with state institutions, public administration bodies, bailiffs, public notaries or other legal entities, by drawing up legal opinions or drafting orders and notifications.

The legal activity of “Anda-Nora Popa” Lawyer’s Office is focused on the main branches of law and supports the activity of the “Costea – Olosutean-Micu” Grouped Lawyers’ Offices, in order to pursue the client’s interests, thus making it possible to provide complex and specialized legal services.


Spoken languages

  • english
  • german