In order to register the company in Cluj it is necessary to have the following information: name of the company, shareholders, administrators and object of activity.

Any LTD incorporated according to Romanian laws may have:

  1. One shareholder: either a company or a natural person
  2. More shareholders: either two or more companies (Romanian, foreign or both) or one or more companies and one or more natural persons; in this case, the share capital contribution shall be split

Every company must have one or more administrators. The administrator will always be a natural person .

The name of the company must be requested in advance from the Trade Register Office.

Necessary documents

            Documents concerning shareholders

  1. If the shareholder of the new company is a moral person – company we need the following documents:

– Resolution of shareholders in which it is decided to set up a new company in Romania;

– Power of attorney signed in front of a public notary for a person appointed to sign documents in Romania at the Trade Register Office ;

 – Several special statements

2.If the shareholder is a natural person, we shall need the following document

  – Identity Card (passport);

– Several statements to be signed in front of the public notary


 Documents concerning the administrator 

– Identity Card;

 -Several standard statements (statutory declaration, statutory declaration regarding the new registered office, specimen signature form etc.)


III. Share capital

For a limited liability company, the minimum share capital is 200 lei (approx. 50 Eur). The share capital must be deposited by the person appointed in this regard, in a special account opened at any bank in Romania.


IV. Regarding the company’s office/headquarters, it can be established on the basis of a commodity or rental contract, whether or not the company’s activity will take place there.

If at the time you set up your company, you do not have a place to set up your headquarters, it is important to know that it can also be established at a lawyer’s office.