We help our clients, both contracting authorities and legal entities, by offering legal advice and representation services in the field of public procurement.

Our activities are the following but not limited to:

  • expert advice in the preliminary stages of public procurement procedures, we inform the client about all the necessary steps to be followed in case of such a procedure
  • expert advice during the ongoing public procurement procedure
  • expert advice and / or drafting of public procurement contracts
  • advice on possible means of appeal during the ongoing public procurement procedure
  • legal advice and / or preparing appeals within the public procurement procedure
  • representation within the proceedings before the National Council for Solving Complaints or before the court of law
  • we inform the client of all deadlines one must comply with in the case of public procurement procedure.

The best option for you would be to ask for our legal advice from the preliminary stages of a public procurement procedure, so as to keep you informed regarding the necessary steps to be followed, as well as the deadlines to be considered, the time limits covered by the public procurement law being short deadlines.

We know the public procurement law in detail, so we are a strong ally for our clients in the public procurement procedure.