In the field of criminal law, we assist and represent clients in criminal case files, both in the criminal investigation phase and in the trial phase, irrespective of their status in the file: suspect, defendant, responsible plaintiff party, aggrieved party or civil party.

We thus come to your aid both by drafting criminal complaints, requests for production of evidence, complaints against the acts and measures of criminal prosecution, as well as all other claims specific to the criminal trial and also by sustaining them before the criminal prosecution authorities and before the courts of law.

We provide legal representation anywhere in the country throughout the entire criminal trial, both in the criminal investigation phase and in the preliminary stages, in the judgement on the merits phase and during the means of appeal as well as for the preventive measures proceedings (preventive detention, judicial control, house arrest), requests to reopen the criminal trial in the case of judgment in absentia, assisting for the case of guilty plea, the process for compensating property damage or moral damages in cases of judicial errors, in case of unlawful deprivation of freedom or in other cases, as well as in procedures for the recognition of foreign legal acts.