In this area, we provide legal advice and representation before the courts of law, focusing in particular on the following services:

  • assistance in obtaining licences and authorizations from public institutions;
  • advice on the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of administrative contracts;
  • drafting and representation concerning applications for the revocation and suspension of administrative documents;
  • drafting appeals against notices of assessment;
  • legal assistance and representation before public authorities in the pre-proceedings process, as well as before the administrative courts for the annulment of the administrative documents adopted by the local authorities;
  • drafting and sustaining exceptions of illegality of the administrative documents;
  • assistance and representation in disputes concerning the annulment or invalidation of competitions organized under the MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) ordinances no. 665/2009, no. 140/2016 and 177/2016;
  • claims based on Law no. 554/2004 concerning the free access to public information;